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Free Books?

I wanted to do this in conjunction with the contest, but realised it would have made guessing easier.  This isn't a contest so much as it's a "first come, first served" type of thing.


Below is a portion of the books I'm giving to the FOTL for their semi-annual sale.  If any of them look interesting to anyone, I'll send one book to the first three people who respond in the comments below.  Anywhere in the world.


Some important points:

1.  Most of these books are in 'like new' condition; some have never been read. The four on the left of the second picture obviously are in rougher condition, but none of them smell like anything but book, I didn't see any stains and all are structurally sound.  They are all MMP sized.


2.  Most of these are cozies and part of a series.  For the sake of keeping things tidy, I didn't photograph all of the books.  If you see a series you like but are interested in a specific title, PM or comment below with the title you're wondering about and I'll let you know if I have it.  If I have it and it's in the box and you're one of the first three, you're welcome to it.


3.  Here's the thing: I'd really love to be able to post pics of all these books and say "Free to anyone who wants one!" but shipping out of AU is insane, so I can't.  But if for some reason you see a title you can't find anywhere else and you didn't get in on the first three, or if you want more than one, PM me.  If you're willing to PayPal me shipping (based on Postal receipt picture) I'm willing to send it.  I have other, larger books in the boxes as well.


I doubt I have anything someone can't get for a penny off Amazon, but just in case, know I'm willing to do it.  (Anyone in AU who might be interested in the books in the box, PM me too - domestic postage isn't quite so extortionist.)


Ok, here's a representative sample:




The two Jeaniene Frost books are brand-new/never read.  I bought the Earlene Fowler used but it's in decent shape.  The three below it were my husband's and he's not as kind to his books as I am, but as I said above, all are structurally sound and don't smell like anything but old books.  Berlin Game's spine is a bit sad though.


I thought I had a better genre spread of books when I started this; so my apologies on the slim-pickings for those that aren't cozy fans.