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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

2 Years with BookLikes

Yesterday marked my 2-year anniversary on BookLikes.  Time flies when you're having fun!


Up until that fateful September I had been a loud supporter/fan of GR; then they made their disdain for their users clear in the now infamous September purge.


I was unaffected, as I'm generally too mild mannered to be noticed, but GR's refusal to communicate, and their complete lack of transparency about policies left me feeling really uncomfortable. The whole felt tainted.


But where to go?  I heard several members mention BookLikes.  I checked it out and my immediate reaction was "No - I don't blog and I don't wanna blog!" 


But I really liked the way the site looked (dashboard!!) and the staff seemed very enthusiastic and responsive and I LOVED the Thursday goodies (RIP, how I miss thee).  So many of those goodies were direct responses to user requests; it was really what made me to decide to give it a go; I'd just post reviews, NO blogging!  Ok, maybe a little blogging...


And the friends I've made here and the books I've discovered because of those friends!  In my 7 years on GR I have had conversations with a sum total of 4 friends over different books.  Here I discuss books with at least a dozen BL friends daily.  My TBR at GR was 98% cozy mystery - on BL, out of the 163 books in my TBR, only 52 are cozies; at least that many again are non-fiction books I've found from the posts of my BL friends.  I can't wait to check into this site every day and read what y'all have written and what books I'm going to find next.  Every one of you reading this are responsible for my library bursting at the seams with books I love, and I thank each and every one of you for that and for the many wonderful conversations and blog posts I've read.  My life would be smaller without BookLikes.


2 years in, the BL team is still incredibly friendly, very responsive and most importantly - open and honest!  What started off with very basic functionality: a dashboard, a blog and user shelves, is now so much more fleshed out. We've received a book database, librarian functions, groups, book clubs, release calendars, widgets, privacy controls, blog syncing, etc. etc.  There's still heaps more we'd all like to see accomplished **coughreblogs-fixcough* but BL continues to keep the dialog open and really that's the most important first step to any improvement.


Here's to many more years on BL, to future improvements, and to all the books yet to be discovered, loved and shared.