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Love in a Cold Climate

Love in a Cold Climate - Nancy Mitford

In pains me to admit this, but perhaps I don't really get satire.  I mean, I get what satire is, I can recognise it when I see it, but I don't know...I think I'm missing some small point that would allow me to revel in it.


I'm a bit flummoxed on how to review Love in a Cold Climate.  I really enjoyed it; I looked forward to reading it and finding out what happened next.  I bonded with the narrator.  It's written beautifully with a lot of wit and humour.  


But the story failed to move me in any significant way.  I know the characters were all superficial, shallow and selfish and I know they all sort of got what was coming to them in the end, good or bad, but there wasn't any crisis or climax, really.  And as I write this it occurs to me that this is probably because the back of the book spoils the gasp! moment. If I'd read this cold, I'd have been shocked.  Still not moved in any meaningful way, but at least shocked.


Oh well, it was still a fun read, if a long one.  I can imagine re-reading it again someday when I want to lose myself in the past.