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Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels, #7)

Magic Breaks -  Ilona Andrews

I'm drawing a blank on how to review this one.  A lot happened in this book; it was a little bit exhausting just reading it.  I'm thankful I managed to wait out starting it until yesterday, because I blew off my entire Friday afternoon and evening finishing it; I was not going to be interrupted (I've never been so happy MT had plans to go to the pub!).


it was good, great even; all of it.  I especially liked how Kate's family reunion turned out - it didn't feel obvious even though there was no other possible outcome.


I can't imagine anyone who reads this series hasn't already devoured this one, but if there is, I recommend Magic Breaks highly.  Imagine at least three more paragraphs below of enthusiastic gushing, but I'm also happy to take a break from this series until the paperback of #8 comes out; by then, I'll be ready for more Curran and Kate.