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Malice at the Palace (Royal Spyness, #9)

Malice at the Palace - Rhys Bowen

Lady Georgiana has been asked by her cousin, the Queen, to move into Kensington Palace for a few months to be a companion to the future bride of the Queen's youngest, a deposed Grecian princess.  George sowed his oats without discrimination before agreeing to marry, so half of Lady Georgiana's job is making sure the stories of his illicit affairs do not reach the ears of the bride to be.  This task is made harder by Lady Georgiana's discovery the first night of the dead body of one of George's ex-lovers.


I love this series; I love Lady Georgiana and Darcy.  Malice at the Palace was no exception, although I'll admit it dragged a bit until Darcy was back on the scene.  Rhys Bowen knows how to weave a plot and send readers' imaginations off on wild goose chases (geese chase?).  While the series is the very epitome of cozy, the author doesn't shy away from the less cozy issues of the time: homosexuality, drug use/abuse, out of wedlock pregnancy, extra-marital affairs - they're all woven into the fabric of the series, giving it gravitas without the gritty atmosphere.


The light dawned on the perpetrator somewhat early for me, but I enjoyed every word nonetheless.  The ending was fanciful but hugely fun and the last page of the book, that last line of text, has me positively in suspense for the next one (please Ms. Bowen: don't let it be a red-herring!!!).