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Buy a Whisker (Second chance cat mysteries, #2)

Buy a Whisker - Sofie Ryan

I'm going through a cozy-mystery burnout, which shouldn't be surprising given the number of them I've read.  I go to pick one up off the shelf and the whole plot flashes before my eyes in all its cliched, trope-ridden glory and I put it back on the shelf with a sigh.  It's a large part of the reading slump that's been slowly creeping up on me.


I won't say Buy a Whisker defied all expectations and restored my faith, but I picked it because the first book was a little less trope-laden than most and clever with its characters and plotting.  I wasn't blown away, but I wasn't disappointed either.


I really like the characters and the lack of vigilante investigating: in the first book the 4 older women decide to do it right and become P.I.'s.  The MC doesn't go around interrogating anyone either.  I really enjoy reading about how she salvages things and rehabs or repurposes them for her shop and I love her self-sufficiency. 


The main plot was well done but its motivation a little far-fetched.  The twist at the end was a total surprise.


I'll likely be paring down my mystery series list in the coming months, but this series has so far proven to be a keeper.  If I enjoy it when I'm burned out, I expect to love it when I'm back in the reading groove.