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Anniversaries, mind games, tea and books...

Even though my husband and I have been together for 9.5 years, we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday.  Being the superhuman organizer that he is, he planned a surprise afternoon to celebrate.  The first part of the surprise was a trip to the Escape Room.  No, not some kinky sex thing.  For those who haven't heard about these, Escape Room is a concept started in Japan:  You and friends are locked into a themed room and have to escape by solving theme related puzzles.  Check out http://www.escaperoom.com for more details.


We did the Art Thief:


You are a Master Art-Thief, and you have assembled a crew of criminal specialists with years of experience to aid you in breaking into this gallery, and your aim is for their most prized possession; the priceless painting being exhibited there for a one-day event. Security in the gallery has been set to its maximum level for this particular event, and you have chosen the very same day to execute your plans.

You and your team only have 45 minutes to infiltrate the gallery, bypass the high-tech security system, steal the priceless painting, and escape before you are caught within the act.


It was GREAT fun - even though we failed.  I accept full responsibility for our failure: I didn't realise that the escape room was actually a series of rooms we had to travel through so I didn't think to open the door I was standing next too until we'd wasted too much time trying to figure out what was next.  Duh!  We solved the puzzles pretty quickly, so next time we'll know and we'll win.  Also, to anyone who might try one of these someday: tuck a pen and paper in your pocket - you'll probably need it.  MT is taking his employees to the Prison Break room for their holiday work breakup party this year.


The second half of the afternoon was High Tea at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne.



For Phryne Fisher fans out there, this is where Phryne lived for the first 2-3 books.  The tea was decadent and neither one of us could do it justice.  While the building is protected as a historic landmark, the hotel itself will be closing down in a couple of years as the current owners and the council can't agree on what suitable renovations entail.  So, I'm glad I got to experience it at least once before it's gone.


Our walk back to the car took us past two bookshops and as I'm physiologically incapable of walking past one without walking in, 4 new books came home with us:




There were presents too; without any discussion on our part, we each more or less stuck with the traditional/modern guides to anniversary gifts.  Overall I am a very spoiled rotten brat bride.


Seriously, check out the escape room (or similar) it's the closest I've seen to living inside a book!