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Bone to be Wild (Sarah Booth Delaney, #15)

Bone to Be Wild - Carolyn Haines

I love this series and the ending of the last book Booty Bones tied up and ended a story line that always disappointed me, so I opened this one with hopeful expectations.


Putting aside the investigative adventures and resident ghost, Sarah Booth is probably the most realistically written main character of a cozy I've ever read.  Her life isn't one long string of 'everything's-going-my-way' but neither is it one long string of sorrows. She's as human as a character can be and there is definitely a philosophical bent to Ms. Haines' writing.  That's not to say SB doesn't pull the occasional TSTL decision out of thin air, but when she does, it's somehow easier to tolerate.


While at its core this book is mostly about SB dealing with the aftermath of Booty Bones, the mystery itself concerns threats on the lives of Scott Hampton's blues band and the viability of his new club, Playing the Bones.  When these threats are borne out and the bartender is killed, SB and Tinkie's investigation leads them to a variety of suspects including extremist religious cults, big business, romantic rivalries and old enemies looking for revenge.


It's a great story even in its implausibility.  Although I saw the plot twist before it happened, the true culprit came mostly as a surprise. (I did wonder about this character early on, but the author excelled at distracting me with red herrings.) The book ends with the plot of the next one introduced, but without a cliff-hanger (thank you Ms. Haines!).


There's a short story due out at Christmas time and I can't wait - I'm hoping it's less about mystery and more about a promise a certain man made to Sarah Booth in the course of this book.