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Wicked Charms (Lizzy and Diesel, #3)

Wicked Charms - Phoef Sutton, Janet Evanovich

Vacuous.  Pure, vacuous fluff.  Yet, even as I questioned why I was continuing on, I never really entertained DNF'ing it.  Sort of like a paranormal I Love Lucy, or Beverly Hillbillies.


The series arc revolves around 7 stones "of power", each representing one of the seven deadly sins.  Each book's plot centers around Lizzy and Diesel recovering one of the stones and locking it away from humanity.  Wicked Charms is about the stone of avarice, lost long ago in a sunken pirate ship along with, of course, the pre-requisite pirate treasure.


What follows is an adult version of The Goonies, only totally NOT as good as The Goonies (nothing is as good as The Goonies).  I gave it three stars because it kept me entertained, but I was more than happy to come to the end and be done.  Light and fluffy, with no aftertaste.