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A Crimson Warning (Lady Emily, #6)

A Crimson Warning - Tasha Alexander

SO much better than the last one.  Emily has stopped wallowing and is almost the same character I grew fond of in the first two books.  She's still a bit more obedient than I'd like, but I have to remember this is the Victorian age and no wife would get away with telling her husband to pull his head out of his ass.


Jeremy and Ivy are back in this book too.  Ivy doesn't do much for me either way, but I do love Jeremy's wit and silliness.  The author inserts journal entries from Ivy throughout the chapters that honestly added nothing to the story for me.  She did this in her last book, using Emily's mother-in-law's journal, and that worked as a way of getting to know the woman in a way we wouldn't have realistically been able to by relying on the narrative.  But here... meh.


The plot though... the plot was good.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story line and found it extremely relevant given society's re-discovered fondness for public shaming.  The mystery behind who was behind it all was done well enough; I neither knew who the culprit was nor was I surprised when it was revealed.  The motivation was rather Machiavellian in the end and I enjoyed it.


This one has restored my enjoyment in the series; there are assuredly better examples of its kind out there, but so far this series is holding its own just fine.