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Gilt by Association (Caprice De Luca Mystery, #3)

Gilt by Association - Karen Rose Smith

I originally started following this series in spite of a few weaknesses because I liked the way the author centered the character in a strong family.  I also liked the possible love interest, Grant.


Then the author started a love triangle and the writing continued to be overly descriptive and bloated, but still I thought I'd give it one more go.


I almost DNF'd this one because the writing was 80% non-essential, non-interesting information.  But I really wanted to find out what was going to happen with Grant, because the love triangle looked over at the end of book 2.  So I decided to skim this one and by that I mean unless there was dialogue, I didn't read it.  I was skipping pages at a time.


And still, I knew who the murderer was before the book was half over.


And then the author brought the love triangle back.


And now I'm done.  NEXT!!!