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Bet Me

Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie

I'm in a chick-lit sort of mood so this seemed the perfect time to re-read some Jennifer Crusie and review some books from my pre-online days.


Bet Me probably wouldn't make my top 5 Crusie list, but it's still an entertaining, snarky, fast-paced read with great characters, loads of sexual tension and some steamy but not overly-graphic sex scenes.


As the title gives away, a bet is the significant plot point of this book.  The MC, Minerva, is the curvy daughter of a stick-straight, insecure, diet-obsessed woman who is always telling her she's fat.  I don't know if she's actually fat or not; the author never talks about measurements, weight or clothing sizes.  From Calvin's descriptions though, it seems to me she's not actually fat, just voluptuously proportioned.  Either way, it has a significant affect on Min's view of her own self-worth.  The level of snark and sarcasm keeps things from feeling too angsty or melodramatic.


Min's dumped by her angry boyfriend because she won't put out, and for reasons that are never explained, he really dislikes Calvin, who is gorgeous and gets whatever and whomever he sets his sights on, so that same night he tries to bet Calvin that Calvin can't get Min into bed in one month's time.  Min overhears the bet, and well, Crusie isn't re-inventing the romance here, so the reader can expect to see what's coming.  But she makes it fun to read about all the same.