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The Silence of the Library (Cat in the Stacks, #5)

The Silence of the Library - Miranda James

This is an excellent book: well-written and well-plotted as is the rest of the series so far.  In fact, I probably enjoyed this one more than the previous four, as the mystery revolved around a children's mystery series (think Nancy Drew) author thought dead but very much alive and the five unpublished manuscripts she's squirrelled away all these years.  Charlie's re-read of one of his childhood favorite reads by the author helps him solve a very clever crime.


In spite of the quality of the story and writing, I've decided I'm going to drop the series from my reading lists.  I just can't get excited about reading them even though I know they are better than average, so rather than buying them only to have them languish on my TBR piles, contributing to the structural instability, I'm just going to say good-bye with high recommendations to anyone who might enjoy a slower paced mystery with a more sedate, mature MC.