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Fry Another Day (Biscuit Bowl Food Truck, #2)

Fry Another Day  - J. J. Cook

I won't continue with this series; it's not working for me.


I rounded up to 3 stars because the characters are good, the setting is solid and the premise is moderately interesting.  The thing is, and I've said this before about this writing collaboration (J.J. Cook is a husband/wife team), they don't write well together.  The whole thing feels disjointed and lacking both a common voice and cohesive story flow.


Zoe is participating in a food network's food truck race through the southern states.  She and her team have to compete over a week long period with other food trucks, meeting challenges and competing for the ultimate prize of 50k.  One of the contestants is murdered while they're at their first stop, and her lawyer/romantic interest/team member is suspected of killing the man.


I admit I didn't see the murderer until the reveal - but mostly this was because it was the most ludicrous murder plot I think I've read yet.  It just felt so loosely thrown together without any thought to plausibility.


I'm making the book sound worse than it is, but I just want more from my mysteries than what I'm getting here.  It had a lot of potential to be fun and interesting, but ultimately it just didn't work for me.