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Star Wars Adventures: The Will of Darth Vader

Star Wars Adventures: The Will of Darth Vader - Tom Taylor, Brian Parsons, Brian Koschak, Sean McNally

Up front:  this is a totally biased rating.  This is not the objectivity you're looking for.  Tom Taylor is a personal friend of my husbands from adolescence and in turn is a personal friend of mine.  We were at his wedding.  There is no way I'm not going to 5-star his work.


Having said that, graphic novels or comics are not my thing.  I suck at multi-tasking.  I can pay attention to the artwork, or the writing, but not both and neither works as well without the other.  But the PopSugar challenge I'm participating in has a prompt for graphic novel and if I'm going to try anyone's work it's going to be Tom's.  He'd named a character in this book after my husband so we've had a copy of it in the library since its release.


I found the story rather tragic all the way around, although I loved the bit about the stormtrooper giggling - it was perfectly irreverent.  That the tragedy of it was so strongly expressed with so few words is what makes authors in this genre succeed, I'm guessing. The artwork is amazing as well, although one picture of Darth Vader at the beginning confused me at first - he looked old and decrepit but I think this is my lack of experience with the genre.


I'm happy I'm finally able to tell Tom I've read his work, but I have to admit... graphic novels are still not my thing.



[PopSugar 2015 Challenge: A graphic novel.]