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Some Enchanted Éclair (Magical Bakery Mystery, #4)

Some Enchanted Éclair - Bailey Cates

Katie and her aunt agree to cater a film set at the last minute (last second, really) and when Katie goes to the set later in the day to finalise an agreement for future catering, she finds the production manager dead and a psychic who declares publicly that Katie will find the murderer.


The series in general is a good one, although I think there are similar out there that are more compelling.  This particular one let me down a tiny bit; the author chose a path of character development that's already been rode hard and put away wet.  She's a creative writer and I'm sure she has interesting plans for Katie and Declan but I'd have been a bit more interested in seeing her explore where that relationship could have gone instead.


I continue to enjoy the author's exploration of the darker side of magic, although in this one the dark magic is subtle and not really revealed until the end.  Still, when we find out, it's awful and devastating.  


The murder plot was puzzled together well; the killer wasn't telegraphed early, although I'm going to withhold complete judgement because this was a read that was interrupted a lot as we travelled.  But I enjoyed it and it felt like it wasn't obvious.


A good read, but not a stellar one.  Even though I'm a bit disappointed in the character development, I'm curious to see where she goes with it.



[PopSugar 2015 Challenge:  A book with magic.]