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The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap and Other Plays - Agatha Christie

This one is going to screw with my stats - I read The Mousetrap last night while BookLikes was offline but this book contains 6? other plays as well that I didn't read.  Clearly, this review will be for just The Mousetrap and not the actual book.


This play is pure Agatha Christie and reading it, just as any of her other works, makes it painfully clear that all cozy writers since have been but pale imitators of one of the few originals.  Locked room mystery, the gathering of the suspects, misunderstanding-based suspicions, the final denouement: they're all here in this entertaining, quick read.


I'm never eager to read plays because I struggle not to read the stage direction (which never makes any sense to me at all) which tends to keep me from enjoying the story, but I could totally see the stage almost immediately, and I just lost myself in the audience.


The next time I'm in London, seeing this play is one of two non-negotiable must-do's (Ceremony of the Keys is #1).



[PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge: A Play.]