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Ghost of a Gamble (Ghost of Granny Apples, #4)

Ghost of a Gamble - Sue Ann Jaffarian

A good, fun read, but not the best one of the series.  The premise is a bit out there, even for a ghost story and the drama between Phil and Quinn didn't interest me.


Emma gets called out to Las Vegas by her Mentor (and BFF's fiance) to help his mother, Dolly, with a ghost haunting her townhouse.  Soon after her arrival, Dolly disappears, an old mobster dies and the police are questioning the timing.  Seems the old mobster isn't willing to buy into the adage "you can't take it with you", and the rest of the plot all becomes part of the "out there" premise.  It didn't feel so much like a whodunnit as it did a bit of a caper; a nice change of pace.


If you like cozy ghosts and cozy mysteries, Ms. Jaffarian writes some of the best out there with characters that act their age without being mundane and plots that aren't cookie cutter and I look forward to reading the next one (already on my pile).