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Blondes Have More Felons

Blondes Have More Felons - Alesia Holliday

I've had this book for years and I've re-read it a few times, but not since I started tracking my reading.


A big part of this book is precisely what you'd imagine it is from the title and the cover: there's a lot of humour, there's a little bit of stereo-typical blonde stuff, there's a strong over-tone of chick-lit and an alpha-male former-SEAL P.I. providing the romance (just a bit of it).


What you don't get from the title and cover is the much stronger, meatier plot line than the average cozy mystery normally provides.  This isn't a typical murder mystery plot - people are killed but figuring out who killed them isn't the focus.  There's an ever-so-slight hint of Erin Brockovich here, except it's a pharmaceutical company and bad insulin that's the centre of major legal action that nobody but her client wants her involved in.  The author was (is?) a practicing attorney so the details are strong, accurate but easy to read and they added additional interest for me as I read.


I'd have loved reading about more of December Vaughn's legal adventures, but sadly this is the only book the author wrote about her. I almost gave it 4.5 stars, but I think there might be a couple of small continuity/editing errors and sometimes the jokes fall flat.  The first couple of chapters start off a bit rough too, so I'll stick with 4 stars, but I'd recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries or chick-lit and would enjoy the much stronger plot.