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2014 from the rear-view mirror.

I've never done a "best of" or "worst of" list before, and the thought of doing one now overwhelms me, but I've been playing with my list of books read in 2014 and thought I'd mention the books that stood out for me.


The books that surprised me in the best way:



I didn't expect to like any of these - I assumed they'd all be too dark, and Angelfall is dystopian and I don't like dystopian at all.  But surprise me they did.



The books that surprised me in the worst way:

I usually don't buy books I don't think I'll like, so anything I rated low was a bit of a surprise, but these were the biggest shocks:



The ending of Halfway to the Grave left me feeling cheated and frankly, pissed.  The other three had all the right elements, but just failed.



I read more non-fiction in 2014 than in previous years (although not enough) and I don't think there is one I didn't enjoy, but I was delightfully surprised by these:


They weren't better than the rest, they were just ones I had bought sort of reluctantly and enjoyed much more than I expected.


Overall it was a great year for reading with far more good reads than bad.  Fingers crossed 2015 is at least as good!