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Home for the Homicide (DIY mystery, #7)

Home for the Homicide - Jennie Bentley

This isn't a series I ever rave about, but one of those solid, well-written ones that you can generally depend on for a satisfying read, if not necessarily one that's going to knock your socks off.


Avery had a scene or two in the beginning of this book where she was channeling a whiny, pouty child, but otherwise all the characters here are good, solid, hard-working Mainers (Mainiacs?).  Likeable, and three-dimensional.


The setting is Christmas time, although the focus is completely on the mystery for most of the book, so it didn't feel "Christmassy" - but there is a project for using Chinese lanterns as oversized Christmas ornaments that sounds like fun.


The mystery was excellent: the author gives you all the clues but builds the story to perfectly lead you down the wrong path.  The ending was both expected and shocking at the same time.  The final scene felt forced; even the characters recognised it was a fruitless endeavour, but I suspect the author needed it in order to truly illustrate the scope of wrong-doing.  


I don't get excited about these - perhaps the stoicism of the characters rubs on on me? - but I would never tell anyone they aren't worth reading.  This is a good book and a good mystery.  I don't need forced drama (a/k/a love triangles) to keep my interest; I just need an author who writes good mysteries and writes them well.  Ms. Bentley does just that.