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If You've Got It, Haunt It (Haunted Vintage Mystery, #1)

If You've Got It, Haunt It - Rose Pressey

Well, that was just... bad.  Really bad.


I've been seeing this author's SP books around for ages, but never tried them because, SPA.  But when this book was announced by Kensington, I figured this was a good time to give her writing a go, knowing there'd be professional editing behind it.  It had elements I knew I'd enjoy: psychics, ghosts, vintage clothing and cats.  Sadly, it didn't have any strong story-telling behind it.


Mostly, the book felt like as though the author was making it up as she went along.  Dialog was choppy, it felt unnatural, and was often repetitive or contradictory.  Or both.  The plot was just weird - and not in a good, twisty way.  There were holes - big holes that went right through key parts of the plot.  


For instance, 4 identical handkerchiefs appear in the story that were all a part of a pack of 3.  The person eventually unmasked as the murderer keeps trying to buy the victim's clothing back from Cookie and it's explained at the end it was because she thought Cookie had bought the murder weapon - a scarf.  The same scarf the murderer threw away and was later found on the curb by Cookie's best friend.  If she had it to throw away, why was she trying to buy it back from Cookie right up until the very end?

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I liked the psychic cat - except for her name (Wind Song???) but the cat was nowhere near enough to cover up the rest of the book's shortcomings.  This is one for the give away box.