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Throw in the Trowel (Flower Shop Mystery, #15)

Throw in the Trowel - Kate Collins

Meh, meh and meh.


The writing is good, the characters are likeable, but they're all two-dimensional; they lack depth even by my standards.  The murder plot was not a surprise, but not stupid-obvious either.


I've pretty much felt this way about every book in this series, so the real mystery here is why I've read 15 of them, with the 16th in the TBR.  As I re-arranged my books in my library today, I eyed this series with two thoughts in my head: I'm not likely to ever re-read these and donating them will free up a LOT of valuable space.  So I think after book 16, I'll "throw in the trowel", say good-bye and wish the author well.