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The Last Word (Spellman Files, document #6)

The Last Word  - Lisa Lutz

I have both loved and not loved every book in this series, including this one.


I loved the humour and the characters and the snark.  The only books on earth where I looked forward to footnotes.  The writing is the type that appeals to me the most: snarky and clever.  I love how there are many mysteries in the plot that each start off small and sometimes insignificant and build as the story progresses until they become something of a juggernaut, and are then slowly solved and dismantled, one at a time.  The entire Princess Banana story line (including her parents' reaction to it) was hysterical.


I did not love the level of machiavellian manipulation between family members.  Nor did I love that the author lets bad things happen to good people, even though I freely admit the story wouldn't have been nearly as good any other way.  The story line with Henry Stone gutted me.  Gutted. me.


The ending leads me to believe this is the last Spellman novel - or at least the last Isabel Spellman novel.  It also is wide open enough that I can see a new spin-off series with Rae as the MC as a possibility in the future.


I'd recommend all 6 of these books to anyone who loves - I mean really loves - snark.  I'm still really gutted about Henry though...