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Murder, Simply Stitched (Amish Quilt Shop Mystery, #2)

Murder, Simply Stitched - Isabella Alan

After reading a few cozy mysteries, I've come to the conclusion that there are really two categories of amateur sleuth plots.  There is the type where everything comes to the MC whether by observation or conversation; this type of character isn't on a mission to solve crime, but is just going about their lives paying attention and putting the bits and pieces together.  This is, without doubt, my favorite type of cozy mystery.


The other type is the one that has delusions of superheroism (I just made that word up).  This MC is on a mission to avenge, to protect, to prove they are better than people who do this for a living.  They will not be stopped!  (cue anything written by John Williams.)


Sadly, Murder, Simply Stitched is the latter kind of cozy mystery.  Isabella Alan writes great characters and some fantastic romantic tension but as much as I like Angie, I was left irritated by her over inflated view of her own importance in clearing her friend of the crime. In no version of fantasy or reality can I convince myself it is appropriate to interrogate strangers.  This was mystery solving with a sledgehammer and I was disappointed by it.


The murder mystery plot itself was very well done.  Very cleverly plotted.  And as I said before the characters are all likeable and the romantic tension was some of the best I've read in cozies in recent history.


I have the third one in this series already, and it's a Christmas themed one, not to mention I want to know what happens with Angie and the Sheriff, so I'll be reading it soon.  But if the same sledgehammer approach is used, I doubt I'll read the fourth book.