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Christmas Bliss

Christmas Bliss - Mary Kay Andrews

My first holiday read of the 2014 Christmas season and I was in the mood for some chick-lit.  Christmas Bliss was just about perfect.


Christmas Bliss is a continuation of a series revolving around Wheezie Foley and her best friend Bebe Loudermilk.  The first book, Savannah Blues is a murder mystery, but subsequent books are really just a continuation of the lives of these two BFF's and fall most solidly into chick-lit.  In this fourth book, Wheezie is in the final stages of wedding preparation and Bebe is in the final stages of pregnancy and everyone is getting ready for Christmas.


This one felt like it was the bow that tied all the storylines up and gave everyone their happy ever after's.  I think it could be read as a stand-alone without feeling as though anything is missing (except perhaps a strong plot), but as a reader of all the books, I shut this one with a sense of completion.  I'd happily read more Bebe and Wheezie, but I won't be disappointed if Ms. Andrews leaves them to the HEA's either.


A fun Christmas themed read to help get this reader in the spirit of the holidays.