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No Mallets Intended (Vintage Kitchen Mystery, #4)

No Mallets Intended - Victoria Hamilton

I should have stopped after book 3.  Arguably, I should have stopped after book 2, but never mind.  I only bought this book because of one character:  Detective Zack Christian.  The only character that – in my opinion – showed the writer had potential.  When I read scenes with Christian, the writer had my attention; I wanted to know what was going to happen next.


The Zack Christian character is gone; taken a new job with the Detroit police force and with him went any interest I had in these characters, mysteries or continuing the series.


I can't even get through the first 75 pages, I just don't bloody care.  Also writing like this isn't helping: 


"A line of pines ran from the road alongside the house; across the road was a marshy wooded lot, and beyond that, more woods. Woods everywhere!"


Writing like this had me thinking I had mistakenly picked up a primary school reader.


Done and done.  (Unless I hear Zack comes back, in which case I reserve the right to change my mind.)