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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

Why do I blog? Uh... am I a blogger?

During this blackout week many of my BL friends have written excellent posts on why they write book reviews and blog about books.  I've enjoyed reading them and I've found they have gotten me thinking, or saying to myself "Oh, me too!"


I fell into the online book community rabbit-hole in 2008 when I saw GoodReads advertised on Facebook as an app.  I checked it out, joined, sort of forgot about it for a few months, lurked around a lot and then found a cozy-mystery group and was hooked.  I approached the online book community the same way I approach getting into the water - an inch at a time, slowly without making sudden movements.  When GR sold out and embraced censorship, I found BookLikes.  


But I almost didn't join BookLikes; I came very close to immediately dismissing it - because I don't blog.  I am convinced nobody is going to what I did today or what I ate, or where I went for holiday, or what I'm doing in my garden the least bit interesting.  Luckily for me, there really wasn't any alternative that worked for me and I did not want to give up belonging to a community of fellow book lovers, even if it was only on the periphery.  So I made myself sign up and write the first post - claiming I probably won't ever post anything else that wasn't a book review.


Why do I review?  I don't know.  I'm not actually, objectively speaking, very good at it.  I struggle with anything beyond "I liked it! It made me happy!" or "I did not like this book!" or "meh".  I suck at discussing themes, archetypes, writer biases, corollaries - anything beyond love/hate/meh.  But I want to be better at it and the only way to get better is to keep doing it.  (I also would like to be more concise, but obviously this is a battle I'm losing.)


Mostly, I review and I make myself post stuff like this because I do want to be a member of this book-loving community; one that participates.  I was blessed with more than my fair share of social anxiety and I struggle to connect with people on any meaningful level (but I can do the public speaking thing, no problem!).  I'm very good with facts.  And books.  So the chance to be able to talk to other people who love books and who understand my love for books is irresistible.  It's also irresistible to belong to a community that has a shared passion.


I write reviews because I love to talk about books with other people who love to talk about books.  If something I wrote sparks a discussion, I know I've succeeded in writing something better than I wrote the day before.  If someone finds a book they love because of something I wrote well, geez, I've gone beyond all my expectations, because I'll be honest, I just want to write something that doesn't put people to sleep.


I still don't think of myself as a blogger though; maybe someday.