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Obsidian Curse (Stacy Justice Mysteries, #5)

Obsidian Curse - Barbra Annino

Cute.  Not cutesy, but cute.  I'd call it a light, fast read for Halloween, but even though it takes place in the days before Samhain there isn't anything Halloween-y about it.  At least no beyond the witches and Fae that are part of all the books in the series.


Likeable characters, small-town setting.  The MC went from being an everyday, relatable female to some kick ass warrior witch and that feels a bit silly.  I was rolling my eyes every time her "Seeker" lair was described; it was over-the-top.


I wasn't disappointed at the end; ultimately, the book met my expectations and didn't disappoint any of them.  It was a fast, light, mildly entertaining read that held my attention.