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Well Read, Then Dead - Terrie Farley Moran

By page 100 it is obvious to me that Skully is the man in Delia's locket.

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The author is plainly making Lieutenant Frank Anthony Sassy's romantic interest.  Also plain is that she is trying to string it out with a combination of conflict and romantic tension.  What is also obvious is that she really sucks at it.  The only thing she's succeeding at doing so far is making Frank Anthony sound like a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde asshat.  I'll be nicer than that in my review, but I'd swear Ms. Moran has a pamphlet of the most sexist statements made by men during the 1950's and is copy/pasting them with little or no modification, directly into her writing.


Bridgy slid her iPod in the car dock and hit "Scramble".


Err... Shuffle??