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Another vacation find - but not at the used book store...

The Audubon Folio: 30 Great Bird Paintings - John James Audubon, George Dock

I was digging through my mom's bookshelves while I was home, really looking at the books that have been there my whole life.  Books that long ago blended into the furnishings, dismissed in my youth as books that couldn't possibly be interesting - my parents read them, after all.


I came across this rather weary looking copy of The Audubon Folio, and when I asked my mom about it she told me it used to be my uncle's book - please take it if I wanted it.  As I'm studying conservation, I eyed the badly fraying folio cover, thought "yeah, I can fix that" and grabbed it up - hoping it would fit in the suitcase.


It's from 1964, so for being 50 years old it's actually in pretty good shape.  The painting are beautiful, of course - absolutely stunning.  I'm going to work on restoring the binding and hope I can find a safe home for it in my little library (it's a rather large book - meant to be displayed on a table, I think).