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Ajax Penumbra 1969 (Prequel short story)

Ajax Penumbra 1969 - Robin Sloan

This prequel short to Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore flew under my radar until just a couple of months ago.  I squirreled it away once I found it, and my recent flights made this the perfect antidote to flight fatigue for a brief hour or so.


I suspect the magic of this little short would be lost on anyone who hasn't yet read ...24-hour Bookstore - If I hadn't known in detail what the purpose of the Bookstore is, I don't know that I would have enjoyed learning about Ajax's first experience with it quite so much.  The "mystery" about the location of the missing book, however, I found really entertaining.


All in all a very nice compliment and backstory to the full length novel.