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Grimoire of the Lamb (Iron Druid Chronicles Novella, #.5)

The Grimoire of the Lamb - Kevin Hearne

A quick, short but self-contained novella that takes place before the events of Hunted. O'Sullivan and Oberon are after an ancient Egyptian "cookbook" stolen out from under, literally, O'Sullivan's nose.


Events are fast paced and the story is excellent; my only complaint is the graphic consequences of the fates of animals involved in the story. I know this is not out of the ordinary in some of the more 'serious' UF books, and it's the reason I tend to stay away from a lot of them, opting instead for the lighter UF series. Still, I really like O'Sullivan and Oberon and I enjoyed the first full-length book, so I'm not ready to walk away just yet. Hopefully the cute and furry will fare better in future books.