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#BookADayUK - Day 21 - Novel you expected to hate but loved

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

Especially if I extrapolate this out to a series, then Moon Called definitely fits the bill.


If I don't think I'm going to like a book, I'm not going to try reading it.  I'm fairly certain I don't have to taste Lutefisk to know I'm not going to like it (no offence to Scandinavian delicacies at all meant).  But so many people I know read and loved and recommended this book that I finally caved and tried it.  But know that I was going into it with the deck stacked against it:


1.  Werewolves are my least favourite paranormal and I mean my absolute least favourite.


2.  Mercy is an auto-mechanic; a profession I never found interesting despite being mechanically inclined myself.


3.  The tone of these books is much darker than anything I generally prefer to read - I was sure Bad Things were going to happen and I wasn't going to like it.  (I was vindicated on this one in the third book).


Well, we know how this ends....I loved the book and I'm hooked on this series in spite of Bad Things and that I have to skim/skip over anything that hints of non-supernatural animal cruelty or harm.  


Weres are still my least favourite supernatural creature though.