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The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven Trilogy, #3)

The Pagan Stone - Nora Roberts

Here is the drawback to making the commitment to writing something about every book you read: sometimes, there isn't really anything to say worth the effort it takes to write it.


This third and final book wasn't horrible.  It just wasn't great, or even very good either.  Very predictable if you've read even one of NR's other paranormal trilogies.  Lots of annoying behaviour from our tragic hero who fights against being trapped by a woman.  Yawn.  Eventual it's-all-about-the-love-and-the-light ending left me feeling slightly nauseated, as if I'd eaten just one cookie too many.  


I thought the level of creepiness was excellent, for someone who doesn't like horror or terror, just spooky.


On the plus side, writing this killed the last 15 minutes of work and now I can go home.  Taking the time to write it down pays off after all.  :)