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Down Under

Down Under - Bill Bryson

An excellent overview of an often overlooked country, I can't recommend this book enough to anyone interested in an informative, but funny, look at a country unlike any other.


Bryson is obviously besotted with Australia, but he doesn't pull any punches about what's wrong with it either.  Lightly interspersed amongst the travel adventures and colour commentary are quite a lot of facts about this astounding country and it's amazing environmental diversity.  His information about the aboriginals is never preachy or judgemental, but doesn't gloss over what's been done, either.  He left me wanting to learn more about their culture, in much the same way I'm interested in Native American culture.


This was a re-read for me, as I first picked up the book when I moved to Australia, almost 7 years ago.  But I still closed it last night, shaking my head in wonder (again) and all this country has and how much of it has yet to be tapped, mapped, or surveyed.


I've never tried to share a book with my partner, but I've told him, as a born-and-bred Aussie, that he has to read this book; to have a better appreciation of just how special his country is, but also, to make it easier to convince him of the need to travel more around it.