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Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8)

Night Broken - Patricia Briggs

I've been avoiding my computer all day, because I knew I'd have to write this review (well, ok, I don't have to, but I'm willingly committed to saying something about each book I read).  And I don't really know what to say - I liked the book, but I'm a bit conflicted.


I would definitely count myself a fan of the Mercy Thompson series and Patrica Briggs' writing in general, and, make no mistake, I devoured this book and enjoyed it.  I'd tell anyone who has read her books that this one is a worthy entry.  If asked about it, I guess this is about what I would say:


A really good read.  This book felt like it had a bit more humour that most of the others in the series; one-liners or dialogue that are funny but not comedic.  We get to see Mercy struggle with being the better woman when Adam's ex-wife comes to town.  We find out more information (although not much) about Coyote and another walker is introduced.


But two things I'd mention about the story.  The first one is a bordering-on-eye-rolling thing.  The first scene where we meet Christie's stalker reminded me a bit of the over-the-topness from some of the final scenes of River Marked.  I really love how Ms. Briggs weaves different myths and cultures into the Mercy universe and this one is no different.  She had me going to Wikipedia to learn more.  I just felt like that first scene was overdone.  The final scene was fantastic though; really, really well written.


The second struggle I have is an on-going one with the whole series.  It is a testament to Ms. Briggs excellent writing and subtle (most of the time) handling of difficult or dark issues that keeps me coming back, book after book.  But I can't stand reading about anyone hurting animals.  Hate, hate, hate it and normally I just close the book and get rid of it when I stumble across one that includes animal cruelty/sacrifice/anything-that-isn't snuggly.  But the Mercy books (and at least one Alpha & Omega) include animal death.  It isn't dwelt on, or detailed (much) and it's usually after the fact, but it's still really difficult for me to get through and it diminishes my enjoyment of the books.  


If Ms. Briggs granted me one wish, it would be that future story lines wouldn't include bad things happening to good animals and a solemn oath that nothing will ever happen to Medea.  Because I have serious angst about that sweet cat and her continued safety.


But Ms. Briggs doesn't know me or have any reason to grant me wishes, so I'll keep on reading, keeping my fingers crossed for the critters, and focussing on all the great things that make this series worth reading.