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Bare It All

Bare It All  - Lori Foster

If the romance genre is a brick wall, I'm the idiot who keeps banging her head against it, hoping for a different outcome.


I think I came close this time, this was definitely not the same, tired formula I've read in romances thus far.  No misunderstandings or contrived conflict.


Reece is of the greek-god-perfection variety - although he sounds blond, so maybe the viking-god-perfection variety.  (Hellooo Thor!)  He isn't damaged or stupid either, which just makes it better, of course.  Alice would have normally irritated the fool out of me - she's the damaged one, but the author tempers her wounded bird with courage and well, one TSTL moment but the plot sort of hinged on it.  Still, better than most of the romances I've read.  Ok, all of them.


But the plot involved the sex trade and human trafficking and it didn't feel right using that as the basis for a romance plot.  It certainly wasn't treated lightly or with disrespect; it just didn't feel right to use something so foul and obscene as the backdrop for a love story.


Also, the author switched POV between several characters, which is fine - she did it well - but she included the POV of the criminal and I really don't want to know what's going on inside the criminal's head.  She doesn't dive too deep, it's kept pretty surface level, but I'd have just been happier without it.


This came as close as I've ever found to a romance I enjoyed, but not quite there.  Eventually I'll forget about the futility of head-banging the brick wall, and I'll try another romance, but probably not for awhile yet.  Any suggestions?