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Paws for Murder (Pet Boutique Mystery, #1)

Paws For Murder - Annie Knox

First in a new series about Izzy, and her best friend, Rena, starting a new boutique pet accessories shop.  Izzy as degrees in fashion, but finds herself having more fun designing and sewing pet clothing than human clothing.  Rena loves making pastry and operates a "barkery" in one section of the shop, offering homemade treats for not only dogs and cats but for the more exotic pets as well.


A dead body is found at the back of their shop on the grand opening night, and Rena is the prime suspect.


This would have been a 4 star read for me, but I didn't really warm to the MC, Izzy.  She was just too...something.  A little bit too naive, maybe; a little bit too clueless.  Not so much that I was turned off, but enough that I didn't get totally hooked.  I liked Rena, Izzy's aunt, and pretty much all the rest of the characters in Merryville, and that went a long way towards blunting the flaws I perceived in the MC.  She also pulls it together a bit more as the book and the story evolve.  I also like the variety of pets mentioned; it's not just all cats and dogs!


But I am annoyed that Ghandi and guinea pig was never rescued!  It's the middle of a Minnesota winter for crying out loud!

(show spoiler)


The murder plot was very well done - there are a LOT of reasons people might have wanted this woman dead, which makes for a lot of viable suspects.  The ending was twisty and just a tiny bit sad, but it wasn't predictable.  I found the lack of TSTL moments refreshing too.


I'll definitely pick up the next book in this series.