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It's a Book

It's a Book - Lane Smith

I work two days a week at an all-Mac primary school doing tech support.  Because we're all Mac, there aren't any tech issues and I spend an inordinate amount of my two days on my book sites, killing time until it's time to go home and, you know, spend more time on my book sites.  And read.  (I can't read at work, even off my Kindle app or iBooks because of the firewalls and proxy servers - my computer can't reach the servers to download the books and I always forget to update my laptop when I'm home.)  Seriously, I'm the Maytag repairman of tech support.


My office is off the library and today was the first day of school, so the library looks like it was swarmed by semi-literate locusts, and I jumped at the chance to help the librarian tidy up and re-shelve the books strewn about the floor (no kidding - it looked downright post-apocolpytic in there).  


As we were re-shelving, the librarian handed me this book and said "Here, you have to read this."  I was already opening the front cover before she could finish the sentence.  This book is GOLD!!!  It's totally a children's book but it isn't.  It's a short but sad testimonial to today's technological age and it's downright hilarious - specifically the first page and the last.  I laughed so hard I startled even myself.


If you ever run across this book in a bookstore or library - read it.  It'll take 30 seconds.  If you disagree with my feelings about the book, you've lost 30 seconds - if you don't, you'll find yourself giggling for at least 30 minutes afterward. :)