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Killer Heels (Molly Forrester, No. 1)

Killer Heels - Sheryl J. Anderson

This is a re-read of the first book in a series I have on my "will never part with" shelves.  Probably the first murder mystery I'd read that was more "chick-lit" than cozy, I love this book.  It's witty, funny, well-written and has a great mystery plot.  Plus, a great start to a killer romance.  :)


Molly is a journalist for a women's lifestyle magazine, writing the advice column.  Of course she aspires to become a much more serious journalist, writing deep, thought provoking articles about things that matter, but she's not shallow "*sigh* I just know I can do better!" about it - she's working hard and looking for opportunities to advance her career in much the same way anybody in the real world would.  She has her two best friends there to keep her grounded and cheer her on at the same time and doing both in the most delightfully witty, snarky way possible.  


This book and the other three in the series are as much about the power of best friends than it is about anything else.  I love all three of these characters and if I had to live the life of anyone in any of my books, Molly's life would be in the top three, and it would be more for her friends than for the hot detective (although there wouldn't be a huge gap between them).  Although I'd have to pass on the shoes; I like my feet too much to torture them daily in 3-4 inch stilettos.


There is a fair amount of fashion and designer name dropping in this series, which annoys some people;  I could take it or leave it, so I usually skim over it when it gets to be too much.


The mystery was really well done; even after multiple re-reads I don't have any plot holes screaming out at me, making the murderer unexpected.  The chemistry between Molly and Kyle as she continues to investigate is sizzling without ever being graphic; this book adheres to cozy mystery conventions even if it is much more chick-lit in tone and theme.


This is one of those series I was hugely disappointed to see end.  If Ms. Anderson ever self published Molly, I'd be the first in line with my e-reader in hand.  I miss her and her friends quite a bit.