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Grace Takes Off (Manor House Mystery #4)

Grace Takes Off - Julie Hyzy

My least favourite book of this series so far.  


I've enjoyed the Manor House Mystery series to date; it's a solid cozy mystery series that takes place in North Carolina at a house-tuned-museum, along the lines of the Biltmore Estate.


Grace Takes Off, though, actually takes place in three locations.  The mystery starts off in Italy, a large part of it continues on in the airplane on the way back, and it wraps up at the mansion in North Carolina.  This is where, I think, the book went wrong for me, personally.  Ultimately, the story ended up feeling disjoined and lacked any kind of flow.


The characters are all well-written and fleshed out (the recurring ones, anyway) and I like how more than a couple of them have evolved over the course of the series.  I'm not sure what the author has in mind for Grace and Jack, but she's managed to keep me interested even though I don't have a lot of patience for a romance with too many hurdles.


As to the murder mystery itself - it was rather predictable, in that the bad guy felt obvious, but how everything connected to everything else remained nebulous until the very end.


Julie Hyzy also writes the White House Chef series and it started off slow; the first 3-4 books were 'ok' - good enough to keep me reading.  But the last three books or so - WOW! - really took off and I've been hooked ever since.  I'm hoping we'll see that kind of acceleration, in it's own fashion, in this series soon.