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A Cursed Moon (Weird Girls #2.5)

A Cursed Moon - Cecy Robson

Why do I struggle so much with 3 star book reviews?  Gah!


What I liked:

I love the Wird sisters; each has a very cool power and a personality I'd enjoy in my friends.  Celia is pretty much the only sister that plays a part in this novella, although there's a brief appearance by Emme.


I liked the story line/plot;  someone is calling all the haunting demons from cultural myths to Lake Tahoe:  La Llarona, the Jersey Devil, etc.


I liked that this is not one of those short novellas that add nothing of consequence to the story arc of a series.  If you don't read this novella you're going to miss out on major changes to at least one of the characters.  It's a bold move; readers of the series that pick up book 3 without reading this novella are in for a major unexplained change - unless the author is also going to incorporate an explanation into the book (which, of course, she'll have to do).


What I didn't like:

The story is told from the POV of Bren, the lone wolf that's been a friend to the Wird Sisters for years.  As a character in the books, I like him - he's a bit cocky and lippy, but he obviously has the sisters' backs.  As the main character/POV?  He's a positive ass.  Really, truly, supremely obnoxious in the most immature ways.  We're talking stunted at adolescence.  Does the author try to explain some of it?  Yes, he had a terrible trauma in childhood that explains his lone wolf status.  Does he absolutely adore the sisters like family?  Yes, yes he does.  Does any of this make his obnoxious inner voice any easier to bear?  No, no it doesn't.


If you at all enjoy the series, pick this up - as I mentioned, serious life changing stuff happens.  But prepare for a lot of eye rolling and some possible skimming over of parts that are just too painful.  Some inner dialog should remain internal - even in books.