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Better Off Dead in Deadwood (Deadwood #4)

Better Off Dead in Deadwood  - Ann Charles, C.S. Kunkle

This book is a continuation of an over-arcing plot line throughout the Deadwood Series. It starts out with everyone thinking it's a typical murder mystery, but we quickly get back to the albinos. There's obviously something in Violet's destiny that has her meant for a greater purpose, and it became obvious to me that her Aunt knows about it.


I like the characters in this book quite a bit - I'd like Ray to be a victim soon, and I'd like Cooper to ease back a bit, but mostly these are great characters you could totally see sharing a drink with. I like the way the author handled Violet and Natalie's conflict and the slow inching towards a deep relationship with Doc. Any faster and all that sizzling sexual tension would fizzle out. In my humble opinion, the author does a brilliant job of writing those sex scenes: steamy but without being vulgar or overly graphic. I appreciate that Ms. Charles writes enough to get the pulse rate up, but leaves a lot to the readers' imagination as to filling in the blanks.


I'll end with saying both her kids need a smack upside the head to remind them of the chain-of-command and that I can't wait to read the next one!