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A Done Deal (A Savannah Martin Mystery #5)

A Done Deal  - Jenna Bennett

I read this whole series back-to-back. Most people don't do that so I'm not going to discuss the very small continuity errors from book to book nor the somewhat-annoying-but-necessary repetition of background that is liberally laced throughout all the books, including this one that had me skipping not only whole paragraphs, but at times, an entire page. They wouldn't be nearly so annoying if I'd read these books spaced apart, say, as they were published.


A Done Deal is a fun read, and the culmination of a lot of angst for the main character, Savannah. As usual, misunderstandings are rife throughout the book, but at least most of them are resolved by the end. The mystery plot was super obvious - I never doubted exactly who it was that was after Savannah, but I was so involved in the story with all it's various elements, I just didn't care. I really like Savanna and Rafe and Tamara and in this book we get to know Savannah's sister better and I like her as well. Hints about a future romance for brother Dix has me looking forward to future books even more as Savannah's circle grows just a little bit tighter. I won't, however, miss Todd at all and hope he's off the scene for good.


Looking forward to the next book.