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A Killer Read (An Ashton Corners Mystery #1)

A Killer Read - Erika Chase

I'm not sure how I felt about this book - perhaps a tad ambivalent.


The murder mystery was well developed, with good clues, red herrings, blind alleys, and a good conclusion. I appreciated the references throughout the book to other mystery writers too.


I think my ambivalence stems from the characters, mostly Lizzy. She, and to a lesser degree a couple of the other characters, felt wooden or robotic. A lot of the writing consisted of outlining Lizzy's day, with little or no colour thrown in to make it more interesting. Some of this might be the result of the third person narrative, but I don't think that can explain all of it. It just felt a bit like I was reading about an automaton. Not all of the characters struck me like this; Paige for example, while a minor player, felt far more three-dimensional to me.


I'll keep my eye out for the next book, but it won't be high on my list of must-haves yet.