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Don't Die Under the Apple Tree (Rosie the Riveter #1)

Don't Die Under the Apple Tree - Amy Patricia Meade

Good mystery plot, with an interesting tie-in to events during the outset of America's involvement with WWII.


I liked the interaction between the main character and the detective. The rest of the book left me feeling a bit 'meh'. The sister was just a wee bit too precious - I think a widowed war-bride with a baby would have a bit more steel in her spine and a bit more maturity, but she wasn't unlikeable. In keeping with current trends in cozy mysteries, the mother in this book is in need of an attitude adjustment, although she isn't as bad as a lot of the mother characters lately.


Overall, I'll read the second one. I'm hoping a lot of the characters will gel a bit more in the second book and I'll be able to immerse myself more in the next mystery and 1942 NYC.