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Wild Goose Chase (Quilting Mystery #1)

Wild Goose Chase - Terri Thayer

There were quite a few things that I didn't like about this book. It drove me crazy - and I almost threw the book away over it - the way the main character allowed people to bully her around. Her sister-in-law mostly. I prefer my heroines to have a spine, thanks.


I also found the true antagonism of the Sergeant towards Dewey to be not only over-the-top, but unjustifiable and completely unbelievable. Also, less angst in my cozies please.


The things I did like: I liked the quilting background.  The secondary characters not acting like melodramatic asses were likeable, individual and added to the overall feel of the story. I liked the dynamic between Dewey and Buster quite a bit - it was, in fact, the only time I really liked the heroine.


Dewey has potential to be a likeable main character if she grows a spine and allows the snark she shares with Buster to wash over her other relationships as well (imo).  I guessed the murderer rather early - to me there really wasn't anyone else in the running.


I'm not sure if I'll read the next in the series - I have a feeling now that we're over most of the mom-just-died family dysfunction, a lot of the things that grated on my enjoyment might not be constant themes, but I'll just have to put some time between myself and this book before deciding on whether to give the next one a go.