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Slightly Irregular (Finley Tanner Anderson #4)

Slightly Irregular - Rhonda Pollero

This would have gotten five stars from me, because it's a really entertaining read. Not deep and meaningful AT ALL, but really entertaining. It lost that fifth star, however, because the author had so many continuity errors it drove me nuts. If you're really specific about what your contractor has tattooed on his knuckles in the third book, don't change the tat in the fourth one. If you have a specific conversation between the main character and her boss, stating that she'll get paid over time for taking a continuing ed class in the third book, then don't have the main character complaining about not getting the overtime in the fourth (unless there's an explanation for it, and there wasn't.)


But continuity issues aside, this book (and series) has a great cast of characters, mostly loveable ones, but a few you enjoy hating. The story line was solid, although a wedding sort of put the whole plot line on hold for a good chunk of the book, but it was fun to read. The suspect was obvious to me from the start, but I was too entertained by the writing to be irritated by it. And the romantic tension - really excellent!


I have the fifth book in hand and I'm looking forward to cracking it open tonight - it promises to be even better!