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Read and Buried (Ashton Corners Mystery #2)

Read and Buried - Erika Chase

This, the second book in a new series, was not quite as strong as I'd hoped it would be. I enjoyed it, and I'll read the next one, but there were some things I took issue with in the story line, well, mainly one thing.


The romantic interest to our main character, Lizzie, gets his back up over a misunderstanding at the beginning of the book and spends the first half of the book snubbing her. Then, all of the sudden, everything is totally back to normal - no explanation, no 'clearing the air' between characters - nothing.


The exact same thing happens between Lizzie and the deputy investigating the crime - first half of the book, she's nasty, making sneering comments to Lizzie and acting like an ass. Suddenly, she's going jogging with Lizzie and inviting her to parties. No explanation, no air-clearing, nothing. Poor writing (or editing), or an author who has serious communications issues in real life (j/k).


In spite of that, this was a good book and I did enjoy it - the mystery was interesting enough, with lots of suspects (although I found it easy to guess who the murderer was) and the characters are likeable. Ashton Corners sounds like a great little town and I look forward to reading about more mayhem and murder taking place there - but I also look forward to more consistent story-telling.